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Football Betting News: Muamba’s return would not be surprised Coyle



Owen Coyle, Bolton manager believes that Fabrice Muamba was able to play football and did not rule out the player’s return as early as next season. Football betting fans hope returned to him, but knows that his health is most important.

Muamba was discharged from the hospital and he continues to recover from a cardiac arrest that he suffered in a clash with Tottenham FA Cup in March, and football betting fans were very concerned about the health of the player.

And Muamba, the manager believes that the Congo-born midfielder, the mental toughness necessary to return to the pitch after his ordeal, and his fans, the ones who bet on football, he would like to see again, if everything is OK with the players must contain.

“Knowing Fabrice and how much of a fighter he is, it would not surprise me if he comes back,” Coyle told the BBC.

And the players football betting fans would be surprised not at all.

“God willing, if he keeps coming back to play, then, of course, this will be a huge boost to whoever.

“You can always tell from the sound of someone’s voice, and he sounded like a good place. It was great to hear from him, and he sounded great.”



Football betting fans were forecast to experience very sad that Piermario Morosini, Italian footballer, 14 April died of a heart attack while playing for Livorno and Coyle believes that his death was a clear warning to those who believe that Muamba that full recovery is had.

“That’s a huge boost given where he’s from – we’ve all seen the sad events in Italy” he said.

“I understand because of the interest, he thinks everyone is out of the hospital, so that’s it, he sings and dances down the street. But people must understand, there is room for further improvement.

“(Whether he plays again) Fabrice and his family would be the decision. He will not come under pressure from us.

“As soon as he feels he is up there then all well and good. When it next season, great.”

Football betting fans know that Bolton are currently embroiled in a relegation battle, but they had a timely boost with the return to training the South Korean winger Lee Chung-Yong after suffering a double leg break.

“I hope, tomorrow and on Saturday he will be able to train with the reserves,” Coyle said.

“If he gets through, hopefully without any reaction then he can join my group next week and begin to intensify his training from there.”


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