Football Gambling experts fear Premier League stars are passing on inside information to Far Eastern bookies and betting syndicates.

And Sun Sport has staked out in another high profile club in which players money to incidents in their own games, it was said – as described by former Southampton star Claus Lundekvam.

FA Rule E8 prohibits all participants in the gambling contests in which they are involved, and knowing disclosure of information within which they believe or to be used for gambling.

The tightening of regulations and the determination of the runners do not take the hair, it is difficult for someone to go with the first type of crime – such as Accrington Stanley and Bury players discovered by the Football Association banned in 2009.

But the passage of team news and other sensitive information is more difficult to control and there are concerns, staff and players, possibly in the Premier League clubs are involved.

A gambling expert who oversees global markets, said: “Sometimes the changes are taking bets on how players the opportunity to see the news from the Far East on Sky Sports!

“There was a particular incident last season when a player had to fight with the big names at a club in the Premier League with an injury.

“But before most people knew that in England, and was going to be fit or not, there was significant movement in rates in the Far East and, of course, he played in the match.

“Looks like someone is inside the club, that information is free and can not be ruled out that the player is involved.”

A former businessman, whose task was to implement the opportunities, said: “There is a service called Betradar, hundreds and hundreds of markets around the world tracking When a company reduces the price, a red line appears ..

“If 10 companies do, is a line 20 which is solid, 30, 40 -. You get the picture.

“Signal all turns, the alarm bells and actual changes in the opportunities offered in the UK put in big games originated in the Far East.

“It’s amazing how well some firms in predicting which teams will go to court. Speculation in the industry is receiving inside information.”

Lundekvam made clear in Southampton players very aware of the value of the sources were in the locker room – and not just their own.

He said: “We took a couple of inside information to two start-ups, penalties and things like that we could manipulate and control, the little things in the game ..”

Some companies specialize in London to allow businesses to use in the analysis of movements in Asian markets, high-flying clients and make millions, they are based.

Lundekvam allegations now being investigated by FIFA, has participated, including deals with Premier League rivals captains and players from other clubs in the fixation point.

Sunspot has been an incident of said supported his claim was betting against fraud is a widespread problem in the top league in England.

A source said: “I once had dinner with a player liaison officer of a club in the Premier League important.

“From nothing brought the culture of gambling in the club.

“He bet on which players bet on the horses, but said some players bet on the outcome in their own games on topics such objections within a certain time after the kick-off and the first to have a card yellow.

“You knew it was illegal, but I thought it was a bit of laughter, which was part of their culture.

“He said he had bought a race car simulator and put him? Bet for training camp, where players can be on your own performance on the machine.

“He mentioned four-figure sums change hands.”

Generally, rich young athletes who play competitive by nature, be accepted.

But the stories of the Premier League players such as Paul Merson, Michael Chopra and Matthew Etherington – addictive show a darker side.

Football is happy to sleep with the gaming industry has.

Where would Stoke, without the millions of pounds injected into bet365 founders Peter Coates to be?

She and five other high-profile teams – Aston Villa, Swansea, West Brom, West Ham and Wigan, companies are betting or gambling as the shirt sponsor next season.

The Premier League and other sports organizations are pressing the British government for more regulation of the relationship between sport and the gambling industry.

Many companies and registered abroad, have no information (or a cut of their profits) to share with sports, as BetVictor Gibraltar residents.

Now come bets Lundekvam in fair play.

“Who’s the daddy?” Ask actor Ray Winston in the property at bet365. The answer could be: a dodgy bookmaker in the Far East.

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Football magazine picks Dobie – Memorial for playoffs

You really do not need the input of a football magazine known as Dave Campbell Texas Football to tell us where are the football fields of Pasadena Independent School District would fit in the hierarchy end of the new image of the District 22-5A in the fall .

By the time all athletic directors and football coaches opened their packages last winter in the UIL’s biennial realignment, which more or less knew how the predictions would be in the magazine Dave Campbell, about four months down the road.

These predictions are out and right on cue, the teams of the Pasadena Independent School District is scrambling to fill the role of actor, or in this case, the breadcrumbs postseason after Pearland and Manvel corner the main course – pursuit of the crown 22-5A.

The magazine has chosen the former 4A toughie Manvel jump right into battle and capture the flag 5A 22-5A Pearland drive second. When the two meet in the district race, will and must be the game’s premiere statewide this weekend.

In the top-25 preseason poll, is ranked Manvel Pearland 11 and 15.

But for PISD clubs, there was not much suspense in the predictions of the magazine. It was about as expected. Dobie, which currently has a tight grip on PISD other programs, is projected to capture third place.

The Longhorns will pack a 11-game streak of winning PISD the 2012 season. You have to go back to September 24, 2009 to find the last time Dobie fell to one of his cousins PISD. So that is why the slope of the magazine to give Dobie third and perhaps throw a scare small, either in Manvel or Pearland should be fun ball bounce or two.

Memorial, who won a record sixth season PISD consecutive state playoffs last spot has been tabulated by the magazine to make it seven in a row in the first year head coach Chris Quillian with a fourth. But as with any team in the bubble, which is projected as a fourth team in a vote of confidence is shaky.

In recent seasons, Texas Football magazine has been in the south corner of Houston, the selection of the Trojans for a playoff berth. Not this season. I have to be the fifth, the final result of 22-5A district become a much more difficult.

Alvin, the third team again in the district, has been selected for sixth place. However, the Yellowjackets have taken two of the last three meetings of South Houston, including a 14-10 victory last September, so Alvin knows he can play with South Houston. In fact, the Memorial, South Houston and Alvin was able to finish in one of three different orders.

Pasadena and Sam Rayburn have again been relegated to the bottom of the area by the magazine. David Satcher, the new head coach at Sam Rayburn, the magazine predicts that one of the three new coaches in 22-5A, Quillian only get to try the Promise land his first time out of doors.

In District 21-5A Texas Football magazine is claiming the former 22-5A foe Deer Park to claim a place in the state playoffs. But like the Mavs, who will be a hard-fought prize if this happens because it has the maroon and gold landing in the room.

North Shore, La Porte and Port Arthur Memorial are seen as district playoff qualifiers others.

Former coach John lifetime Snelson Memorial is now in Dickinson and the magazine lists the Gators scene missing the playoffs with a fifth in the 24-5A. We see clear streams, Clear Brook, Brazoswood and Clear Creek and the clubs in that district playoff caliber.

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