Football Betting & Football Prediction Blog Launches on the Kindle



A sport is always better and free football tips and predictions for 2008 and expansion in the Kindle Store is a new channel to reach their increasingly mobile public. and publishing on the Kindle is one of the first sports betting blogs to the device and the Kindle edition of the blogs are full-text content will be announced, as it appears on page Web site, along with most images.

The Kindle edition will be updated on a daily basis, with the latest football news, football tips and football predictions on the web site automatically delivered wirelessly to subscribers. The Kindle Edition can be accessed without wireless connectivity, such as the blog is fully downloaded.

Better sporting Jonathan Day said, “The entry into the Kindle represents a new channel to reach our visitors more and more access to our advice and predictions of winners for mobile devices like smart phones and Tablet PC. Our presence on the platform is part of our strategy for the future to test the blog with information exchange gateways for visitors. ”

Sporting best football betting offers tips, football predictions and football picks fantasy football in a number of leagues and competitions throughout Europe, including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Olympic Games and Euro 2012.